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Last Updated:  9-9-2008

Here are some letters from our friends all over...

    I certainly enjoyed you all's performance in Huntington last night at our 45th high school reunion.  I wish you all continued success!
PS:  Yes, I bought a CD and you all signed it.  Thanks!
God Bless America

Richard Turner


Thanks for getting the show off  on the 4th. It was very unlikely that it would happen with the down pours of rain. I spoke the Louie this morning and he was very happy with both groups. He said that it is the best vocal groups that he has ever had for their celebration. I just wanted to forward that bit of info to you.

Thanks Again


As a member of HEHS 1963 class, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed  your concert July 5, 2008!  Your vocal performances were fabulous and  your personal interaction with us made our reunion a wonderful  experience that I'm sure those in attendance will never forget!  May God  bless you with continued success and keep you safe through your travels!

Norma Tucker,
Class of '63


"I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed the Vogues music for many years.  You were one of my very favorite groups from the time I was about 13.  I've been able to attend 4 of your concerts. The latest was the Sternwheeler Festival in Wheeling, WV last Friday.  The music was unbelievable!  The harmony so great!  I just love it.  I hope to see you all again in concert!"

A long time fan... Vicki


"I heard you in Lakeside, Ohio this past August 3rd. Outstanding vocals. I hope to see you again next summer!"

Bobby C.


"Just a note to ask when you and The Vogues will be in our area again?  My friends and I really enjoyed your performance at the Village Theater in Canton, MI.  You were GREAT!!   We missed some of your concert and would like an opportunity to see you again".

Hiliary C.


"Just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed the Vogues in Mt. Vernon, Ohio this past Saturday. Those Vogues classics sounded better now than they did in the 60's!"

Doug K.


"Just wanted you to know that I saw the show at Penn's Peak last night.  It was AMAZING!  You turned back the hands of time for us.  Just as good, if not better, than 40 years ago.  My Special Angel is a special song for us.  I still have the chills!"

 Anne Marie M.


"Too bad it was so cold for your concert in Port Huron, but that's Michigan!  Your music sure warmed us for the evening!  I was a teenager in the 60's and it was great to hear your songs again!  I checked out your show dates - Wow - you fellows are busy!  Thanks for a great job in Port Huron!"

Eleanor R.


"I just wanted to let you know that I took my father to the Doo Wop concert at the Ocean City Convention Center this weekend.  He is a very big Doo Wop fan and he likes the Platters, but we both felt like you were the best part of the show!  We wanted to thank you for an enjoyable evening and we will keep a look out for future appearances you have in this area."

Kelly R.


"Heard you in Ocean City, Maryland last night. Not only did the songs sound great, but was really enjoyable was that you all looked like you were having so much fun singing them."

Bob C.


"Saw you tonight in Albany, NY with the Drifters, Orlons, & Shirley Alston Reeves. They were all great, but you were the reason why I & all my friends were there. You didn't disappoint!"

Martha W.


"As usual, you were wonderful tonight.  I'm listening to your CD right now!  I thank you for doing what you do - your music keeps me young!  Keep on singing and come back to Souderton, PA.  We love you!"

Jean C.


"I was at your performance Sunday night in Souderton, PA.  I just wanted to let you know how great you sounded and how much we enjoyed your performance.  Keep up those amazing harmonies!"

Gary G.


"Your show in Albany last week was in one word.....Awesome!"

Jay S.


"Caught your show in Callicoon, NY tonight. Loved it! I don't ever recall those songs sounding as good as they did that night. Also, kudos to the band. Bravo!!"

Kay C.


"We saw you in Frankenmuth, MI at the car show. Impeccable vocals, band was great, and you looked resplendent in your red, white, & blue outfits!"

Taylor F.


"Saw you at the Motor City Casino again on October 9th. The show is always fantastic. Your Beach Boys Medley sounds better than the Beach Boys do now!"  "Can't wait to see you again!"

Danni B.


"Dear Stan:"

"We saw The Vogues this past weekend at Villa Roma and were enthralled  by the richness of your voices, the incredible talents of your band,  and the range of your song selections. Your harmonies, personalities,  polished presence - all contributed to a wonderfully professional,  smooth, delightful concert that left us smiling long after you had left  the stage! I have been a regular visitor at Villa Roma for three years  and among the many top-notch performers I have enjoyed, The Vogues are  the best act to date!"

"Congratulations to you, Troy and Jim, as well as your band, on a  stellar performance - especially with Tom's creative arrangements that  showcase your diverse vocal ranges. Bravo for featuring all three  singers on almost every tune, through same-note trios (thrilling!),  smoothly segued solos and lush harmonies. You reminded me, at times, of  the bygone era of the Four Freshmen!"

"And Lee Greenwood's "G-d Bless The U.S.A. / Proud To Be An American"  brought tears to my eyes - one of my favorite patriotic songs of all  time!"

"I know a rock 'n' roll DJ/concert organizer here on Long Island who  produces concerts several times a year with major oldies acts. I will  be telling him about The Vogues, to ensure he knows about your group.  What a treat you would be for the devoted oldies fans here!"

"I still can hear your beautiful harmonies and see your vibrant  red-white-and-blue suits (Troy was funny when he said he forgot his  belt!) on stage. What a fun evening!"

"All the best to The Vogues - and again, thanks for an exciting evening."

"Keep The Music Alive..."        Bonnie D. Graham


"Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your performance in Frankenmuth, Michigan at the car show this past August.  Your vocal harmonies, appearance, and family humor were unmatched by any we have heard!  Having the couple celebrating their anniversary brought up on stage and singing their favorite song, 'You're the One' to them, was truly a classy act!!  Can't wait till you return to Michigan, we'll be there!!"

---Barbara O.---


"My husband, Jim, surprised me with tickets to see you at Tangier in Akron, Ohio on October 16th.  Of course, it was Sweetest Day and he wanted to surprise me.  You did not disappoint at all!  I have 7 Vogues old 45 records from the 60's.  I must admit that those songs sounded better when you performed them that night than on vinyl!!  I believe the Vogues sound is getting better with age!  I also must tell you the last time I saw you was sometime ago on a cruise in Pittsburgh.  Please do not take this the wrong way but you were a dozen times better in Akron!! Hope to see you again soon!!"

                                                                                    Vanessa R.


Dear Stan,
We cannot wait to see you at Mountaineer for Valentine's Day.  It is an added bonus to see that our friend, Bo Wagner will also be performing with you.  My wife & I have been fan's of Bo's for years.  We have also heard the Vogues many times in Follansbee, W.Va, Youngstown & Steubenville, Ohio.  This will be a wonderful experience to finally see both of you on stage at the same time.  Would it be possible to sing a couple of songs together??  See you on the 14th!!!

Jerry & Vickie P.


I support the St. Clair County FOP every year, and have regretted since   Saturday that I haven't gone to any of their concerts they have put on.   The  performance the three of you gave was outstanding.  I had two tickets  to the  show, and I brought a fellow veteran with me, and when you guys started  to sing  god bless the USA it brought tears to our eyes as we started to  sing along  with you.  I just wanted to say thank you, and hope you come  back to the area,  and if you do I will definitely be there front row.













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